These students are huddling to practice using math vocabulary to describe what they did in their math station.

Each child has an assigned number in my class. At the end each station rotation, the students huddle, and then line up. I draw one Popsicle stick for each team. That student will tell the class what they noticed, learned, or wonder, or they'll answer a more specific question using the math vocabulary we are focusing on this week, or have learned in the past. If the student uses math terms accurately, their team earns a point! Teams can also earn points by being good listeners to their classmates as they share. They can also earn a point for using good teamwork, or being the most focused, or good huddle discussions. The team with the most points at the end of our stations rotations, earns a reward in our token economy system, that they can spend to go to "treasure box."

Math tubs with today's stations and materials ready to go.

I labeled the location of the station with a matching label.